2013 Top 10 Accounting Podcasts

Podcast’s are one of the most under-utilized tools people have available to them today. However, many podcast’s out there are great for learning different tips and tricks.

This is especially true for accounting. You can learn about different programs and how to use them, tips for getting the best tax deductions, and learn more about how to file your taxes if you are self-employed.

It is simple enough to find a podcast for exactly what you want to know about by simply searching for it through Google or another search engine.

Below is a list of the 10 best accounting podcast’s of 2013.

1. QuickBooks’s podcast by Woody, Dawn, and Stacy, recorded on November 14th, 2013, directed toward educating people about QuickBook’s
2. SEC’s Crackdown on Accounting fraud by Michael Cohn, recorded November 12th, 2013, directed toward informing people about the SEC crackdown
3. Upon Further Review- Self-employment Tax Issues by Ed Zollars, recorded March 28th, 2013, directed toward educating people on the tax issues they may face if they are self-employed
4. Charity Tax Exemptions by Stephen O’Flynn, recorded on November 11th, 2013, directed toward educating people on how to handle a charity tax exemption
5. Like Nobody’s Business by Total Team Solutions, series of 54 podcasts directed towards business owners
6. The Small Business Owner’s Manual by Joe Kennedy, series of 32 podcasts directed toward helping small business owners
7. TaxMama’s TaxQuips by TaxMama, series of 10 podcasts directed toward giving tax tips to individuals on topics such as tracking the mileage on your vehicle.
8. ThinkGlink by ThinkGlink, a series of podcasts directed toward individuals and consumers on the topic of real estate
9. Employer Responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act by Kate Barton, recorded on January 14th, 2013, directed toward educating employers on how to handle payroll and other issues with employees and the Affordable Care Act
10. Affordable Care Act Implications You Need to Know by Ted Sarenski on behalf of the AICPA, Recorded on August 19th, 2013, directed toward educating people on how the Affordable Care Act will affect personal finances and taxes

All of these podcasts are aimed at helping individuals and small business owners learn more about their finances, taxes, deductions, and accounting programs.